We all give in to a good story.

Any of you who have spent any amount of time with Mary would be familiar with her own story-telling style and some of her subjects of stories. Mary would look for opportunities to infuse any conversation with either a story about someone in her family, herself, or just some humorous insight into a life event.  Mary always elicited a laugh from her listener because she herself found it so funny and would begin her infectious laugh with shoulders bouncing and her eyes twinkling.

Her family would laugh and say that they gave Mary plenty of fodder for her stories.  We would all feel the connections to our humanity and connectedness in her stories and her humor. It felt good.

She was quick to enjoy the humor that life itself deals to all of us as well as her self.  At a time when she lost all of her hair to the chemo treatments, Mary, as President of the IHM’s was asked to sign the papers making her the owner of a hair salon for the Sisters at the Motherhouse.

Another time as Mary realized that the Cancer had returned and that her decision would be not to undergo any more treatments, she would have to tell her family, her community, and many more about what her future would be. This heavy burden was lightened again and put off for awhile because on a walk with friends, Mary slipped and broke her leg. She enjoyed telling this story and laughed at the irony.

Besides telling stories, Mary sought out good stories in literature, stage, movies, and especially in a good storytelling festival. She felt that stories were a way that we could receive information and insight that might otherwise be difficult. She knew that stories reminded us all of our connectedness as the human family.

We intend to share Mary stories here … from her and many who knew and loved her.

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